Welcome to the

Exquisite Global United

LIVE Virtual Pageant


Our intended Live 2020 International Pageant was postponed. 

As a part of this, we wanted to still have an opportunity for our pageant mission to spread, and our international family to grow... so we began Teen, Miss, Ms, Mrs, and Classic Ms Exquisite Global United Live Virtual Pageants!

Unexpectedly, the program did so well, and we were so happy to add our new family members from across the globe that we decided that this program had to continue!!! We are proud to announce that the Exquisite Global United Pageant is now a permanent part of our pageant family!

Taking place January 28-29, 2022 (Deadline to enter is January 10th) the pageant will consist of the following:

Submission of your "personality photo". This photo is to depict what you think is a fitting photo of your personality. Are you fun? Animal loving? Community service oriented? Submit your photo with your entry and a paragraph explaining why you think this matches your personality. Due upon entry. This will be 20% of our score. 

Live private interviews (via zoom) with our Panel of Judges the evening of  January 28th. This will be 30% of your score.

The afternoon of the 29th will consist of a LIVE judging of  Formalwear- modeled over zoom in your own home (20% of your score)- and a community service presentation- an up to 3 minute presentation of your contributions to your community (This can be done in any way. Be creative!). (30% of your score)

Evening of the 29th will be the announcement of the winners and a special awards presentation where many of our Global United Pageant families and friends will be present throughout the world!

Once entered and entry fee paid, you will be added to our private Fecbook group where complete details, tips, and more will be available to you and all other contestants and current queens. 


Teen        ages 13-17

Miss        ages 18-23

Ms.          ages 24-45

Classic     ages 46 and up

Mrs.         any age, married

Entry Fee: $150.00  (Add 75.00 if you would like to represent your state or country with a contestant crown and sash. Contestants entering less than 40 days before the event will have their local title shipped out after the international virtual finals. 


4.5" Full Round, all AB Crown and Embroidered Sash shown above, Gifts, and Discounted entry to the 2022 Live International Pageant in  Minnesota, USA- The third week in July. 

**Be the one of our five queens to complete the year above and beyond all others as an Exquisite Global United Titleholder, and be qualified for the Global United Exquisite Champion 2023and earn an additional year, new sash, and opportunity to be considered for a lifetime queen in January of 2024.** 

Optional awards

(15.00 per entry or 55.00 for all):

Photogenic- choose one favorite headshot,

Essay-  share what you believe it means to be a part of Global United ,

Country Costume- submit a favorite photo of you in country/region representation,

People's Choice- get the most likes on social media during the week before pageant,

Talent- time between the online pageant and the awards will be an opportunity to present your performance or non-performing talent

Once entered and paid, you will be entered into our Facebook group that will share tips, tricks, login details and etc.


To Enter, go HERE