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Global  United Kids' Programs



Global United Pageants are committed to the growth of our programs through the encouragement of our children's participation in our pageant. Here are a few events and programs that we provide to kids who are interested in being a part of the Global United Family. 

    Princess and Prince Programs    Queens for Kids Ambassadors    Photo Contests     Children's Pageant

Our Queens for Kids Ambassadors

Honor your Little Hero

Do you know a special kid undergoing treatment for Cancer or another serious illness/condition? We would love to honor them as a Global United Prince/Princess. Check out our information HERE 

Our Lifetime Queens often have children who join them in many of our events and projects. Because they cannot compete in our pageant, we offer the opportunity for them to become Queens for Kids Ambassadors. These Lifetime Appointments only are given to a select few nominees by a selection committee.
Some Ambassadors are also awarded this honor after being honored
with the Princess or Prince awards.
More information on our Princess/Prince program can be found HERE.

      Terra                    Sam                          Ray                   LJ


              Ellie                        Ilona        Lala                Amilia  Alleyah                                                                                                Amirah

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