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Spirit of Global United (TM) Titleholders

You can see the listings of our former online titleholders in the Titleholder Archives.
​To view our current titleholders, please enjoy the slideshow! 

 Miss  Spirit of Global United 


As girls we are often taught there are thins girls simply "don't" do. It is my dream to become a combat soldier in the US Army and when I share this goal with my peers, they discourage me and say things like, "oh, that's not what you really want to do", and you're just trying to be edgy." I am resolute in my desire to break down gender expectations, and fulfill my dreams. 

Isabella Stratton

Every year, one titleholder who has won their division and goes above and beyond with her reign, MAY be chosen for the Golden Spirit or Heart of Gold title. This extends their time with a Global United title for one additional year and makes them eligible for a lifetime title!

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