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Areas of Competition and Additional Awards

The goal of the Global United Pageant is to find contestants and international title holders who believe in the importance of community involvement. 

Contestants who may not have much experience in community service may find that the opportunity to use the title to become involved with a platform or project will be something they later adopt as a career or permanent part of their lives.

Believing that this crown should be all about the contestants is why so much of the score is about who they are and what they do in their communities.

The scoring is as follows:

40% Interview
15% Country Costume

15% Personality Wear

15% Evening Wear
15% On Stage Question

($40 each or all for $325.00):
These competitions do not influence the scoring for the international division titles, but do provide opportunities for other recognitions and titles.

-Community Service * (winner is awarded the Community Service Ambassador)
-People's Choice** (winner is awarded the People's Choice Ambassador)
Global United Pageant does not double crown. As a part of this, the two ambassador titles go to the top scoring Non-Finalist titleholders.
-Facebook Favorite
-Social Media Award
-Photogenic (1 photo)
-Modeling Portfolio (Up to 10 photos)
-Non-performing Talent
-Achievement Portfolio
-Appearance Portfolio
-Best Essay

* To be eligible for the Grand Ms Global United title, contestants MUST have entered the Community Service Optional. 

**People's Choice entry is based on most money votes placed online. This optional does not require an additional entry fee.

The following entries may be competed for with a 10.00 per event entry fee. 
Best Global United Themed Decorated T-shirt
Best Door Decoration (fee is PER PERSON in the room. One will be awarded for contestants and one for current/lifetime titleholders)

The following awards are given to given as an additional opportunity to take home honors and awards. These do not require additional entry fees to be eligible :

Overall Evening Gown
Overall Interview
Overall Onstage Question
Overall Country Costume
Overall Personality Wear

Best Pajamas
Best Thank you Card
Director's Award
Miss Congeniality
Highest Auction Item
Most Ad Pages
Audience Favorite

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