Our Lifetime Titleholders

Meet our lifetime queens

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Alexandria Kvenvold - Minnesota

Winter 2020

Kim Johnson - Minnesota

Winter 2019

Aya Yazama - Japan

Summer 2019

Katie Kramer - Minnesota

Summer 2019

Tiffany Anderson - Minnesota

Summer 2019

Jennifer Alonso - Venezuela 

Summer 2019

Jennifer Lux- California

Winter 2018

Namita Kohok - India

Summer 2018

Alexandra Perez - Venezuela

Summer 2017

Tracie Chan - Malaysia

Summer 2017

Melony Butler - Minnesota

Summer 2017


Cora Bojarski - Australia

Summer 2016

Janis Russo - California

Summer 2016

Illeana Miller - Minnesota Summer 2016

Elite Lifetime Queen 2019

Danielle Enberg - Minnesota

Summer 2014

Elite Lifetime Queen 2019

Elaine Reinholz - Iowa

Summer 2013


Lisa Jacobson - Minnesota

Summer 2013

Rose McCarthy - California Summer 2012

Elite Lifetime Queen 2019

In Loving Memory

Global United honors our
lost sisters and forever queens
Christine Alberts Minnesota
2012 Winter Lifetime Queen
Sheryl Long South Africa
2013 Fall Lifetime Queen
Our Lifetime Queens often have children who join them in many of our events and projects. Because they cannot compete in our pageant, we offer the opportunity for them to become Queens for Kids Ambassadors. These Lifetime Appointments only are given to a select few nominees by a selection committee.
Some Ambassadors are also awarded this honor after being honored
with the Princess or Prince awards.

      Terra                    Sammi                    Aubrey                   LJ


                     Ellie                                  Ilona        Lala