Global United Photo Contest

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Our Global United Kids and Pets Photo contest is underway!!


Submit your photos of your pets and Kids (to Age 12) for judging each season. One Favorite Pet and One Favorite Kid will be chosen for the Global United Seasonal Photo Winner and receive a crown and sash or a pet package from Above PAR Pets, and $50 off our Live Pageant Finals (transferable within the immediate family to a qualifying member)

Winners of each contest (5 total in Kids and 5 total Pets) will advance on to compete against the winners of every season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, Director's Choice) in July 2022 at our international finals.

Finals winners will be determined by a people's choice money vote to take place July 2021 (Live and Online). Top earning donation of each contest (pets and kids) will receive a new crown and sash or pet crown/tag, $100 off our international finals(transferable), and a $25 gift card to an appropriate store/vendor. Proceeds of the final vote will benefit childhood cancer research. 

Entry costs $5 per photo and $20 for unlimited photos.

Our next Winter contest is currently open and will close out February 15th. Winners will be announced by February 28th!

THEME: Your interpretation of Winter!!!

Photo contests will take place:

Summer: June, July, August

Fall: September, October, November

Winter: December, January, February

Spring: March, April, May


One final selection will also be made at the end of the year, after all entries have been judged, and will be entered into the finals as the "Director's Choice" winners. 

All Photos will be due the 15th of the last month of the Season, and announced the Last day of the month of the Season.  (example: winter photos are due February 15, announced February 28th)

Enter with your payment below. Send all photos and paypal payments  to

Proceeds of the finale vote go to our supported Childhood Cancer Charities.

entry fee

Fall Photo Winners


Kids Winner:

Pet Winner:

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Summer Photo Winners

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Kids Winner:

Pet Winner:

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