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The Global United Pageant is a philanthropic program committed to seeking contestants and title holders who exemplify the beauty that comes from serving others in the community. Our pageant pairs with organizations from all over the world to give to those in need.This pageant works each year to help raise funds for childhood cancer research. This is why our crowns each hold a gold ribbon in them to represent Childhood Cancer Awareness.

The Global United Pageant celebrates diversity in our competitors. We welcome all sizes, religions,
sexual orientations, and nationalities from all over the globe.

Join our ever-expanding family today! See more by clicking on the photos below.

Our LIVE international program is July 17-21, 2024 in Minneapolis, MN. Click HERE for finals ticketing information!

Our Programs


International LIVE Children's Pageant

International LIVE Adult Pageant


VIRTUAL LIVE Adult Pageant

Pets and Kids PHOTO contests

International ONLINE/EMAIL-IN Pageants

Meet Our Titleholder of the Month 
Katherine Dye Zapata 

2023-24 Grand Ms Global United 
from Minnesota

She was a domestic violence survivor back in November 2022. She has been working on advocacy work for other domestic survivors. Before starting Global United, she stares she had zero self-confidence and was self- isolated. She has been learning to speak up for her self and others. We are so glad that Global Untied has helped you find your voice.

Katherine says  "She enjoys volunteering and teaching her children the importance of helping others."

She also volunteers for multiple organizations

Katherince States "I am a mom of my beautiful children that mean the world to me! I have always loved children my whole life. I have been a Respiratory Care Practitioner at Children's Hospital of Minnesota for 20+ years."


"The Global United Pageant touches the lives of so many, which is evident when the delegates visit the hospital to provide a special day for the kids with cancer. "...The [gold] sashes are emblematic to the big heart of GOLD that the directors delegates all have."


--Valerie S., Hawaii

We have done some AWESOME things! Check out our photo archives for some wonderful images
of events and activities over the last ten years!

See our rules and Regulations HERE

Our Awards

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