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Meet Unathi Nare- Elite Ms Global United from South Africa

Mother of 2 and a wife, means so much to me. My family is important because it provides love, support and mostly a shoulder to lean on when things don't go my way. My husband pushed me to persevere no matter the challenges.

Pageants have indeed moved waves for me, I have always longed for a pageant that looks into to a women inspiration to others than a small body and beauty until I met Africa Pageants. Africa Pageants taught me power of the sash, wearing my SASH with pride has truly moved so many hearts to follow and support. As I thought it is well boom Global United happens with love and support of sisterhood I managed to pull and make a difference to others.

One thing I enjoy doing its community service, I have so much passion in what I do and would never trade it for anything else in life. I have work with women in different fields as Empowerment is my daily and also youth Empowerment, looking at finding your path, while traveling.

Unathi has an optimistic view on life, guidelines that are always useful and is able to balance her life. She is patient and has a great attitude towards couching. She neither looks down on other people nor judges their way of living instead she gets to know and understand each person.“

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