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Director Wendy Lindberg Receives the Global Power Indians' Award July 23, 2022

"Last night my Global Power Indians’ Award came home.

I was also surprised with the announcement that I will be joining Namita Kohok as a Silver Edge Utopian brand ambassador.

Not quite sure what that means yet, but I’m excited to find out.

Sometimes in all the chaos of my life, I wonder if anyone is paying attention or thinks I’m doing a good job with a number of things in my life. It can take a lot of the wind from a person when that self doubt kicks in.

"Though recognition is never expected, when it’s received- it’s a great feeling.

"So, saying I’m internationally recognized for my work with children's cancer… well, that’s even more than I would have ever expected, but it sure feels good!

"But it’s also proof that putting the right people in your life will bring you the right things. It isn’t without all of my friends in Global United who have seen some portion of my vision for women who change the world, and that world being free of cancer, that any of this would ever be possible.

"I fear to name any as to miss but one and not have them feel my gratitude, so I shall leave it at this:

No one makes a journey on their own. It takes a cheering section, great friends, and those whose passions extend even past your own to make good things happen for one another.

The award has my name on it only because all who surround me just could not fit on the plate. "

-Wendy Lindberg

Executive Director, Global United Pageants


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