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Meet Alexandra Perez -- Global United Ambassador 2016 (Venezuela)

Hello, I am Alexandra Perez current Global United Ambassador 2016, my country is Venezuela.

When I knew that I had the opportunity of take part in Global United Pageant, I felt much emotion because I identified with the sense social for the cause that I could support to those people children, young and adults that today- for today- suffer of the terrible disease that has for name cancer. 3 years ago I lost a loved one because of this disease and in life I gave everything he asked and what he did not ask me too ... There was no way to save him and God had decided to give him better spiritual life in heaven. For the family it was very painful but in the end God gave us the understanding filling our hearts with strength and tranquility because it is not easy to see a being in bed how life ends. When I listen to the real testimonies of survivors, the soul is nourished by joy, kindness, love and hope ... because hope is the last thing lost ... And I say that those survivors, rather than survivors, are warriors of life, missionaries that God has wanted to leave here on earth so that through their experience they enliven and strengthen those who today are fighting for their lives. And that is why God blesses us doubly.

My hobbies are sport: tennis, soccer, volleyball, I like reading, listening to music, sharing with my family and helping those who need it.

And I feel super proud of having another family like Global United Pageant and I thank God for surrounding me with women warriors and wonderful as Wendy Lindberg, Illeana Turner, Rose Mc Carthy, Melony Lorraine, Robbie Canner, Charlotte Burbidge, Danielle Enberg, Elaine Reinholz... and other queen. 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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